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Ever since 1963, big block Chevy engines have been produced. These engines began with the 409ci engine and after this with the 396ci followed by the 427ci engines. In 1970, the 454 engines were introduced. It is very easy to identify a big block Chevy engine. It is very different from all others in appearance. It has the starter on the passenger side. In addition, it contains a vertical oil filter on the rear of the engine from driver side. Its wide, huge and smooth valve covers makes the big difference.If you intend to build your own Chevy engine, then you need to have an idea of what exactly you want to do. This is because there are several configurations. One of the most common Chevy used 454 engine is the 454-ci big block. After you figure out what type of engine you intend to build then you are ready to start the actual process.

After finding a suitable block, check if the block has any cracks. If so then it is not suitable for building purpose. Now after this take the checked block to the auto machine shop. You have to get the block hot-tanked and bored. Tell them what exactly you want. If block needs to be bored 0.60 over, then you should tell machine shop to contact you.

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You should move to the next step if the machine shop says the block is fine. If not, then you have to return that block and seek another one. After this it is time to hot tank the heads and also gets it measured. After this you have to order the needed parts. Generally, you can get the parts in nearest machine shop; however, if you do not want to wander around in search then you can go for online shopping. You can go through catalogues offered by various online stores, compare them and choose the parts that you need.

You will require lifters, bearings, pistons, cam, rods, cam bearings, gasket set, oil pump, timing gears or timing chain. After you get all the needed parts, tell the machine shop to fix the pistons to the rods and to install the cam bearings. If you think that you can not do it yourself then you can seek some machine shops that will build the short block as per the need. Now it is time to place the block along with all the new parts. Now, add the intake and heads. You are able to utilize the stock heads if you intend to make an everyday-driver used 454 engine. On the other hand if you want a racing application, then you must upgrade the heads. It is also possible to purchase the upgraded heads from online speed shops. Now install the transmission as well as block. After this install the air compressor, water pump, air pump, alternator, power steering pump, distributor and carburetor.

If you are not sure to do it yourself then you can take aid of experts in this concern. You can get information, needed parts and kits by means of various online resources. You can find reliable auto parts, 454 engine, 454 engine parts, 454 engine kits and used 454 engines at

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